Here you will find how to videos and links to firmware and software for dive computers.


SCUBAPRO - Software & Firmware Updates

SCUBAPRO - product manuals

50 Years of SCUBAPRO Innovation

Meet the HUD (ScubaPro's Heads Up Display)

HUD-Getting Started

HUD- Basic Settings

HUD- Pairing with Transmitter

HUD- Gas Selection

HUD- GPS Selection

HUD- Dive Settings

HUD- Compass Settings

HUD- GF Settings

HUD- CCR Settings

HUD- Setting Nitrox

HUD- Gas Settings

HUD- Managing Decompression

Galileo Computers


Introducing the G2

G2 – Meet the G2

G2 Overview

How to Set Up G2 for First Time

G2 – How to Pair Units

G2 – How to Personalize it

G2 – Diving the G2

G2 – Synching with Phones

G2 – Understanding the Compass

G2C Console


How Regulators are made

MK 25 and MK 17 First Stages

MK 25 EVO First Stage

S620ti Regulator Overview

S620Ti Regulator

MK 25/A700 Black Tech

A700 Second Stage

MK 17 First Stage

MK 21 First Stage

MK 2 First Stage (Available since 1963)

C370 Regulator

G260 Second Stage



HYDROS – Highlights

HYDROS – Initial Adjustments for Best Fit

HYDROS – Customize with Color Kits

HYDROS - Customize with Accessories

HYDROS – How to Pack and Travel

HYDROS – Designed for All Divers

HYDROS - Chest Strap Adjustments

HYDROS – Optimizing Adjustments for Best Fit

HYDROS – Using the Weight System

HYDROS – Convert to Trav Tek Straps

HYDROS – Travel with your BCD

HYDROS – Packing an Entire Set to Travel

HYDROS – All New Level of Comfort