Snorkel Camp

Diver's Destination offers Snorkel Camp for children ages 5 to 11. It is $300 per child.Your child will not only learn how to snorkel but will also learn all about the ocean and the animals in it!

When is snorkel camp? 

June 6th - 10th, 2022 from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
July 25th - 29th, 2022 from 9:00 am- 5:00 pm

What does snorkel camp entail? This class works on beginner swim skills. Students will work on kicking, arms, and bubbles with emphasis on water safety such as safely entering and exiting water.


  • Review of Swim Skills
  • What is Snorkeling
  • Proper Snorkeling Techniques
  • Entries and Exits
  • Games and Challenges


  • Children should bring their own lunch
  • Refrigerator and microwave available
  • Coke machine with drinks $1.50 each


  • Creature feature! learn about an ocean animal and complete an activity
  • Outdoors time! Free time in Pirate's Cove playground
  • Watch short video pertaining to the creature feature of the day
  • Back in the water practicing and reviewing skills

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my children need for snorkel camp? 
We supply all necessary equipment (mask, fins, snorkel, & flotation device). But if kids own their own equipment, they are welcome to use it. Kids will need to bring a swimsuit, towel, try clothing, and a lunch.

Is there an age limit for snorkel camp? 
Snorkel camp is for children 5 years old to 10 years old.

Do my children need to be able to swim to attend snorkel camp? 
Children do not need to be Olympic swimmers for snorkel camp but should be able to swim at a beginner level. If you are concerned with your child's swim level, we recommend swim lessons before snorkel camp begins.

How do I register for snorkel camp? 
You can register online here, over the phone by calling Diver's Destination, or by visiting the store.

What is the cost of snorkel camp? 
Snorkel camp costs $350 per camper.