Mommy & Me:


 Diver’s Destination and our experienced team of swim instructors are committed to making you and your family’s safety the main priority. We offer premium and personalized instruction in an accommodating environment that is essential to healthy learning. Our instructors have the training, experience, and versatility to suit any students’ needs and are equipped with the proper tools to guarantee growth and progress for swimmers of every skill level.  The indoor, heated pool at our facility provides a comfortable experience and prevents weather from disrupting your schedule. It also allows us to provide quality instruction year round so you and your family always have a place to maintain your swim skills and ensure you are swim ready before the summer comes around. Registration is quick and easy with enrollment available over the phone or on our website. During enrollment, we take the care to match you with the best instructor based on you or your students’ age, skill, comfort level, and swim history.


Mommy and Me classes are offered for students 6 months to 2 years of age. These classes provide a friendly and welcoming environment to ease new swimmers into the water world. Parents are in the pool with their child receiving personalized, side by side instruction. Instructors utilize verbal cues and positive motivation to make students feel safe while parents learn the tools to transform their guppies into safe swimmers. Students learn to be comfortable in and under the water and we emphasize safety skills such as blowing bubbles and floating. Mommy and Me classes are scheduled out the same as private with 8 lessons at 30 minutes with flexibility in the times and dates. 



To schedule swim lessons, please call us at 337-981-3483 or stop by the store at 201 Guilbeau Road

1 block off Johnston

or submit your info here and we will call you back within one buisness day.