• Private Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lessons

We specialize in highly effective private swim lessons for all ages, including adults and aims to make learning to swim convenient, fast, fun and hassle-free by allowing you to pick your own days and times for class.

For maximum comfort, our pool is indoors and heated.  This allows us to teach all year around without having to worry about inclement weather conditions.

Our classes are customized to meet the student's needs and our instructors use a gentle and encouraging approach which enables students to overcome any fear of the water and progress quickly. Swim instruction can begin as early as 6 months of age up to adults.

Swim Lessons saves lives.  We are ready to start, are you?

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Private Swim Lessons


Diver’s Destination and our experienced team of swim instructors are committed to making you and your family’s safety the main priority. We offer premium and personalized instruction in an accommodating environment that is essential to healthy learning. Our instructors have the training, experience, and versatility to suit any students’ needs and are equipped with the proper tools to guarantee growth and progress for swimmers of every skill level.  The indoor, heated pool at our facility provides a comfortable experience and prevents weather from disrupting your schedule. It also allows us to provide quality instruction year round so you and your family always have a place to maintain your swim skills and ensure you are swim ready before the summer comes around. Registration is quick and easy with enrollment available over the phone or on our website. During enrollment, we take the care to match you with the best instructor based on you or your students’ age, skill, comfort level, and swim history.


During your private lessons the focus is all on you. You will be matched with a personal instructor working with you to zone in on the key skills to reach your goals. The first skills each swimmer learns are the basic emergency actions (blowing bubbles and rolling on your back) necessary to stay above the water and reach the edge of a pool. Private lessons are phenomenal because it is all at the students’ pace and there is no limit on how far the education can advance. Private lessons come in a package of 8 - 30 minute lessons, scheduled out to your convenience with calendar availability Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00am to 5:30pm. 

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