Genesis Coronado Open Heel Fins L-XL Blue


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Part Number:PF6230BU Manufacturer: Genesis Color: Blue, N/A Size: L/XL

Genesis introduces the Coronado Open Heel Fin. This lightweight and durable bladed fin with an optimized blade length to width is ideal for use with full Scuba. The Coronado has fully adjustable, reliable and convenient squeeze-style quick-release buckles on the fins straps. The straps have large easy-grip heel pull-tabs for ease of donning and doffing. The fin has a flex limit feature that allows the blade to be easily shaped during the kick to correct position to generate and optimize thrust. The open heel design on this non-vented fin is intended to be worn with dive boots. Fin blade is a composite material combination of rubber and plastic. The Genesis Coronado Open Heel Fins are available in multiple sizes and colors. 

Key Features

  • Lightweight and durable open heel bladed fin
  • Optimized blade length to width
  • Large pull grip tab for easy of use
  • Flex feature optimize fin thrust and position
  • Non vented fin design

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