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Flower Gardens Sept. 7-9

 Flower Garden Info

At the turn of the century, snapper and grouper fishermen named these productive fishing banks the "Flower Gardens" after the brightly colored sponges, plants, and other marine life they snagged and brought to the surface. The Flower Garden Banks, which are large natural salt domes, are a National Marine Sanctuary and lie about 115 miles off the Texas/Louisiana coast. The East and West Flower Garden Banks are the northernmost living coral reefs on the continental shelf of the United States and were designated a National Marine Sanctuary in 1992, with Stetson Bank (30 miles northwest of the West Flower Garden Bank) being added in 1996. The coral reefs protected within the sanctuary boundaries are in excellent condition when compared with reefs worldwide and offer a colorful and rich diversity of fishes, sponges and hard corals. Typically seen are whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, manta rays, and massive coral head.  Water temperatures at the Flower Gardens generally range from 68-85 degrees, and depths at the reef caps range from 55-160 feet.


Diver’s Destination will experience the Flower Garden Banks aboard the M/V Fling live-aboard dive vessel. Our two and three day sport trips will provide you with excellent dive opportunities in one of the world’s most pristine coral reefs. Our 2-day trip allows for potentially 7 dives!


Click here for the M/V Fling's FAQ


What to Bring:

The M/V Fling is a fully equipped live-aboard dive vessel and includes all meals. You will need dive equipment, there is no rental equipment provided through the Fling. Tanks are included, but you must bring your own weights! 

Please review the M/V Fling’s FAQs here: 
Click here for the M/V Fling's FAQ


Dive Charter Fee    $585
Nitrox Tanks          $60


Location and Itinerary:

The boat boards promptly at 7:30 pm the September 7,2018. So you must arrive no later than 7:00 pm to unload your gear and get ready to board. Return to the dock is usually between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm on the last trip day.


Fling Charters Dock
702 West Second Street
Freeport, TX 77541